Sunday, December 6, 2009

Countdown to Christmas

Last week again I had another Craft Show. I was at De Pere High School for the Redbird Show. I did very well with my sister right beside me. My sister Lynn sold her hand made baskets in the booth next to me. I also had my helpers, my two daughters Allie and Nicole. We had lots of fun and even bought some Christmas presents for friends and family. I'm pretty busy making special orders just like Santa. Today my family and I are going to buy our Christmas tree. We normally cut down our tree ourselves, but this year we are going to buy a tree that is already chopped down at Carley's tree lot. The neighborhood Christmas cookie exchange is next weekend. Going to pull out my recipe book and find some favorite Christmas cookies. I might make some carmel corn though. Last night we put my collection of nutcrackers up on the mantel with all of our Christmas stockings. This week we are supposed to get our first big snowfall. On Wednesday night we are going to get 4-8 inches, the storm is going to go into Thursday. It is supposed to snow tonight, tomorrow, and Tuesday too. Above are some of the favorites from the De Pere show.